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"To whom it may concern,

This is to confirm that Ruth Grigg has studied with the Blackford Centre and has successfully

gained a Diploma in Dyslexia.

If you need further information, we would be delighted to help.  

Please contact our office using the information below."

 - Michelle Skyner, Communication Co-ordinator,  Tel. 01373837464



PARENT/Teacher of Twin Girls, from Redditch, 2019


The girls received private tuition for approximately 9 months, because they struggled with confidence,

reading ability and spellings:

their teacher remarked that they had never seen such a turnaround in their progress!



Student LH:  

 I have learned about spellings, pronunciation, punctuation (including commas, semi-colons etc)

P.E.T.E.R,  handwriting, letter writing, creative writing and typing skills!   I am happy with my progress

and I am hoping to get good grades going whilst I go to High Schools  (June 2018).



PARENT & Child from Bromsgrove:

"Our son has gone up two sets in English!"    


January 2016,  Mrs.  C. 


PARENT from Redditch:

"Before my child only got 2 out of 10 right, this time he had 10/10 right!  

That's never happened before!"


 - Feb 2015


PARENT from Birmingham:

"I can't say enough good things about Ruth. She works so well with my children.

The boys look forward to their learning times with Ruth. Her patience and calm ways are a comfort for me as a mother.

I feel that in the time that my children have spent being given private tuition by Ruth has been quality.

I intend to have the children continue on with her."

Allenia A, Halesowen.


PARENT from Bromsgrove: 

"His teacher has said how pleased she is with his progress, and how much he is improving!"

 - Feb 2015



PARENT from Redditch:  Romanian student

Our son loves Mrs Ruth Grigg!  She has been teaching him how to spell, read, understand the

English language through a lot of activities and a lot of fun and many, many, smiles and laughter!

Our son Ted, is more confident now.  He has been learning English, he has laughed, and

he just can't wait for Ruth every Saturday!     Mr & Mrs H,  from Redditch.

October 2015