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              Professional Services



Payments for private (face to face) or on-line lessons, need to be made a month in advance of all lessons or

additional services.   


All parents whose children are undertaking private tuition will need to pay in advance, via bank transfer. 

Likewise,  all payments for on-line lessons must be made in advance, with payment being deposited 
into our account before the lessons begin.
Complaints or returns
If there are any concerns or complaints about our services or courses provided,  please contact us directly by phone
or email, so that we can swiftly resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing.  Refunds will be considered, if
deemed to  be fair and reasonable. 
Cancellations of lessons by the Tutor
              If for any reason, the tutor is sick, or on holiday, or unable to teach a session for any reason,
              parents will be contacted as soon as possible to re-arrange lessons. 


             About our Payment Schedule 


              Individual lessons are £35, but we ask for a month's payment in advance, however,

              I suggest parents book a  consultation over the phone first, and then a meeting with between the child,

              parents and tutor.


                  Likewise,  any additional services for parents are £35 per hour.  


                 Please book a consultation to see how we can help you.



                 Contact  us on the form provided, for a 30-40 minute free consultation and to discuss a suitable


                tuition programme for your child.