Professional Services


We aim to provide high-quality, professional,  live teaching/tuition services over the internet to every registered student.   We aim to start the lessons and continue them,  within the times and days allocated to each student.
Our policy is to offer professional services to parents and children;  to have a friendly, flexible, adaptable approach and to provide well-planned lessons and appropriate multi-sensory resources to aid learning and make it fun!
Pre-visit & Trial Lesson
After the initial (free) telephone consultation, it is important to book a pre-visit to assess the child's needs, levels, abilities and difficulties and sign contracts,  before any lessons begin, which will be carried in the tutor's home.    
All parents /clients will be asked to read, sign and agree to the contract and to pre-payments before lessons begin.
Continuous Professional Development
We will also be continuing to update our training throughout our career and services to families and settings, and we will keep the public informed of what these are, and when they have taken place. 
Personalised teaching & tuition
´╗┐It is our policy to offer the very best personalised teaching to suit the child's needs,   in consultation with parents/clients.   We can plan and review the progress together and plan the next steps.   All lessons are prepared individually,  with careful time and effort into preparing each individual lesson.

All on-line  tuition will be carried out professionally, and are personally tailored to the child.  On-line lessons are live and include activities and games to make learning fun.  Classes can be individual or in pairs or in small groups, which reduces the price. 
Cancellations & Missed Lessons
Parents / students are required to give a notice within 24 hours if your child is sick or cannot attend the lesson any reason, e.g. holidays,  so that new arrangements can be made.  
However,  if no notice, or not enough notice is given, then the missed lesson will need to be paid for,  due to the time, effort and loss of income to the tutor.
Likewise,  we will contact parents / student if we cannot make our commitment to tutoring for any reason,  giving notice as soon as possible.
Termination of Services
If parents / students wish to terminate the service,  we ask for a minimum of 4 weeks notice, so that other tutoring arrangements can be made.
Child Protection & Confidences
RUTH has a current DBS and aims to protect the children and families I will be working with.
Our policy is to keep confidences concerning and children and families we will be working with, in order to protect individual's identity and safety. 

Payments for private or on-line lessons, need to be made in advance of all lessons:   all students undertaking private tuition will need to pay one month in advance, via bank transfer. 

Likewise,  all payment for Skype or any on-line lessons must be made in advance, with payment being deposited into our account before the lessons begin.
Payments for on-line courses need to be paid for in advance, so that the link can be sent directly.
Complaints or returns
If there are any concerns or complaints about the services or courses provided,  please contact us directly by phone or email, so that we can swiftly resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing.  Refunds will be considered for courses purchased, if deemed to be fair. 
Cancellations of lessons by the Tutor
If the tutor is sick, or on holiday, or unable to teach a session for any reason, parents will be contacted as soon as possible to re-arrange lessons.  
About our Payment Schedule - Price guide:
Private Tuition charges for one hour sessions - £25.00 per lesson to be paid in advance for the month.
On-line, live tuition:   £20.00 for an hours lesson (paid in advance for the month), 
English as a Second Language:  £20 for 40 minutes lesson, or book 10 in advance with a 10% discount -
payment in advance.
Payments should be made by Pay Pal or bank transfer, one month in advance.
Contact Ruth for a telephone consultation.
01527 577078