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(for parents of children with specific learning difficulties)


Are you looking for some answers to help you, as a parent, navigate through your

child's schooling and development?


An on-line Parent Coaching Programme has been developed, that addresses parent's

needs in raising their children with Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Asperger's Syndrome

and other additional needs. 


Having raised two (now grown) children with these difficulties, I have walked

through these situations myself,  so completely understand the issues you face,

so know how to help you.


With the right support and coaching, you can become confident parents,

handling situations with less stress and anxiety and strategies to help you

keep strong.


The programme will help you, as parents,  develop your own personal skills and

mindsets, which in turn will help your children through their schooling and educational

years, by looking at different aspects and challenges you face, such as

managing stress and anxiety, managing difficult behaviour,  developing emotional

maturity, handling school issues such as homework,  educational plans, transitions,

teenage years,  various therapies available and other such issues.


There are 10 videos to watch.  You can purchase the set of 10 for £150,  plus PDF's.  

In addition, personal support is available for you,  via email, text, or our Facebook Group.

My promise is that I will approach each issue with understanding, care and commitment.

You can also book one personal coaching session with me to discuss any issues

you are having.   


This coaching programme can be taken on it's own, or alongside any tuition - 

however, together,  tuition and this coaching programme,  will serve

as a powerful force for your family's transformation!     


If you are interested in this programme at £150,   Contact me on the form provided.