I am developing a parent coaching programme that addresses parent's needs in

raising their children with Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Asperger's Syndrome

and other additional needs.  I had two children with these difficulties and I have 

walked through these situations myself. 


I know how painful things can get and I know that with the right support and coaching,

you can become confident parents, handling situations without stress and anxiety. 

I have also supported many parents of children I have tutored over the years, so

completely understand the issues you face, as parents. 


The programme will help parents develop their own personal skills and mindsets, which

in turn will help their children through their schooling and educational years by looking

at many different aspects of the challenges you face, such as managing stress and anxiety, 

handling school issues such as transitions, and other such issues.


This programme will be delivered through step by step strategies,  offering full support,

with and mindset coaching to enable and empower you as parents. 

This coaching programme can be taken on it's own, or alongside any tuition that we are 

offering your child - however, together,  the tuition and coaching programme,  will serve

as a powerful force for your family's transformation!     


Contact me on the form, if you are interested in the coaching programme, and join

me in a free webinar.