OWLS Grammar for Juniors 

(on-line Course)


Our on-line grammar course for junior-aged children, is fun and interactive,  including games and quizzes, alongside a structured course.  The course will teach the basic structure of grammar, gradually increasing comprehension and enhancing children's grammar skills in writing. 


The course outline includes:



Lesson 1:   Sentences and paragraphs

Lesson 2:   Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

Lesson 3:   Narrative Voice,  Positive and Negative Sentences

Lesson 4:   Conditional Sentences and Direct Speech

Lesson 5:   Nouns

Lesson 6:   Singular and Plural Nouns

Lesson 7:   Pronouns and Collective Nouns

Lesson 8:   Concrete, Abstract and Compound Nouns

Lesson 9:   Adjectives

Lesson 10:  Verbs & Tenses 1

Lesson 11:  Verbs 2

Lesson 12:  Adverbs & Phrases

Lesson 13:  Connectives, Conjunctions & Interjections

Lesson 14:  Determiners & Prepositions


       The cost of the whole course is £65.00.


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