OWLS  with Google Classroom  is a multi-sensory, on-line learning tool.  The lessons can be studied independently or the student can learn on-line with  live Skype lessons.   We offer a phonics course for children and youth with dyslexia which includes lessons, games, quizzes and videos, at  £12.00 for 30 minutes.   We also offer units on punctuation, grammar, reading and writing skills and study skills (see courses below).  


If you wish your child to study on-line their your own pace without live tuition,  (some lessons may require the help and guidance of parents) the cost of each separate unit will be £10.  


Separate units  can be booked as required. 


To enquire and book a time and day for live, or self-study on-line lessons, ring us on 07727970220 or fill in the form on the website, contact page.




UNIT 1:   Letter sounds, names, alphabet order,  lower and upper case letters  (Beginners) - 7 lessons.  

                (These lesson requires the assistance of adults for young children).  Click to see a demonstration lesson -  OWLS 1


UNIT 2:  Short and long vowels,  a, e, i, o, u & y  (Beginners)  -  11 lessons.      Click to see a demonstration lesson - OWLS 2


UNIT 3:  Beginning blends  (Beginners) - 13 lessons.   Click to see a demonstration lesson - OWLS 3


UNIT 4:  Digraphs, Diphthongs & Silent e - 11  lessons


UNIT 5:  Spellings,  end blends and plurals - 19  lessons


UNIT 6:  Silent letters,  soft c & g - 10 lessons


UNIT  7:  Prefixes - 10 lessons 


UNIT  8:  Suffixes & Homophones - 10 lessons


UNIT 9:  Punctuation - 6 lessons


UNIT 10:  Grammar - 13 lessons


UNIT 11: Reading Comprehension & Writing Skills, (Juniors) - 7 lessons 


UNIT 12:  Reading & Writing Skills (Seniors) - 14 lessons 


UNIT 13:  Study Skills - 8 lessons (seniors)   SAMPLE  LESSON   from   Unit  12 


OWLS on-line lessons