Whilst working alongside children with dyslexia or other difficulties, we have discovered that many of them suffer from low self-esteem and some are even bullied.  Low self-esteem can greatly affect the way a child performs at school, at home  or in other social situations.  

We are seeking to address these issues by offering an e-workbook that will help to boost your child's self-esteem, which includes looking at 3 main issues: uniqueness, creativeness, and achievement.    
There is a minimum of 6 activities in the Workbook under each section and the book contains positive self-affirmations and spiritual affirmations.
Uniqueness looks at how the child is unique and looks at their individual characteristics and tackles the issues of bullying.
Creativeness focuses on the child's inner abilities to be creative in their thinking, problem-solving and skills.  
Achievement focusing on what the child wants to achieve today, in their present lives and what they want to achieve in the future and making steps towards those goals.
After looking at the issues in each section, there are some positive affirmations for the child to repeat to themselves concerning these issues addressed.  The affirmations are in the workbook but are also on a colourful slide presentation,  with some spiritual leniencies.
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