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Private Tuition & Dyslexia Services






Are you a parent who is concerned about your child's progress in literacy? 






Do you feel your child needs more support?


Does your child struggle with reading, spelling, writing skills, 


grammar, punctuation and study skills?


Do you, as parents feel overwhelmed and not know where to turn,


regarding your child's educational needs?


Are you, as parents, feeling helpless and frustrated, 


Rest assured, you are not alone!  


There is a solution! 




We offer a variety of services and programmes that will suite your child's needs.


With the proper tuition and programme, approach and support,


your child will be able to read phonically


using a structured multi-sensory approach 



Your child will be confident, able to read more fluently 


and their self esteem will build. 



Click here to see how private tuition really helps your child.



In the future, you as parents, will feel confident


about your child's progress


There will no longer be a huge gap and your child will


no longer fear passing exams and tests when they apply their learning.



You will feel confident that your child can progress in their


further education, life and future career.   



CONTACT US on the form provided, for a 30 minute free consultation










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